My Story

At my property in Southern Tasmania l have one hothouse full of succulence and have plans to put another up shortly. Both my partner and l share a love of collecting and growing succulence. The first thing we did when we recently brought our block is plant the succulence we had collected and create gardens under the tall skinny gum trees.

My partner and I have recently completed the first component of our dream home.
We used local and recycled timbers, such as celery top pine, myrtle, king billy pine and have incorporated as much recycled materials as possible. Convict hand cut sandstone blocks are used for retaining walls, as well as natural sand stone walls made from rocks collected on site.

We are situated on a cliff and look at a mountain range to the North called Sleeping Beauty, she is constant source of inspiration. l pot up succulence in front of the hothouse and revile in her beauty.